Dartium: a version of Chromium compatible with the Dart language

Google presents a new edition of its Chrome browser or rather its open source Chromium branch offering compatibility with the Dart language.

Last October, at the GOTO Conference, Google introduced a new programming language for the web. Dart christened, it aims to extend the limits of JavaScript while providing better performance. Google explained for example that the JavaScript was relatively cumbersome to progressively developing a web application.

Last month, Brendan Eich, the inventor of JavaScript and CTO of Mozilla, had expressed some doubts about the popularity of Dart. “I do not think Dart is natively supported by other browsers, not in Safari, not in IE,” he declared at the summit Node. Do not worry, Google today introduced a first version of Chromium boarding virtual machine Dart and baptized Dartium. Developers will therefore in a position to run their applications.

The question is whether Google engineers will impose Dart face JavaScript. Dartium is available for Mac OS X and Linux (next to Windows). Visit this page for download. Note that this is an experimental version.

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CES 2014: four new smartphones with a 5.5-inch PHABLET Lenovo

The manufacturer wants to wants to strengthen its position on ur phone market and a few days before the official start of the Consumer Electronics Show, announced the upcoming availability of four new smartphones.

For several years, the company Lenovo wants to better position itself in the smartphone market. The manufacturer was even in talks with BlackBerry to make a redemption in 2012. In an official statement Lenovo announces next four terminals: the Vibe Z, the S930, the S650 and A859.

Chrome 18 in the final version with better hardware acceleration

Google continues to strictly follow its pace of development of six weeks and announced the availability of a new final version.

Google Chrome 18 offers support for hardware acceleration on Windows and Mac OS X systems for Canvas 2D elements. So far the operation of the GPU was paid to the rendering of HTML and CSS 3D. The technology is now extended to vector graphics (SVG) coupled JavaScript to 3D representations.

“WebGL provides outstanding 3D content on the web and we want to ensure that the maximum of you can benefit, ‘the John Bauman and Brian Salomon engineers on the official Chromium blog. To do this, Chrome 18 SwiftShader integrates technology from TransGaming who will speed up rendering of a web page on older configurations, including from users of Windows XP. Visit the section chrome: // gpu to check support for hardware acceleration on your machine.

Download Google Chrome for Windows 18

Download Google Chrome 18 for Mac OS X

Download Google Chrome for Linux 18

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California allows cars to automatic piloting Google

The State of California has decided to allow the movement of similar automated vehicles to cars concocted by Google.

In June 2011 the State of Nevada adopted Bill No. 511, to allow the autopilot to cars to travel on its roads. The senate of California decided to do the same in however restricting traffic on motorways. Senator Alex Padilla, handling the case said, “thousands of Californians tragically die in road accidents each year. The vast majority of these accidents are due to human error. ”

The 1298 bill was passed unanimously 37 votes and should enter into force in a month. Remember, Google is currently in talks with Ford, General Motors and Chrysler to promote research in the field of automatic control. The Mountain View company wants to actually produce its large scale cars by marketing its autopilot technology license fees.

M.Padilla adds: “the development and deployment of autonomous cars will not only save lives but also create jobs. ”

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Back MWC 2011: Android and tablets are honored

Monday, February 14

Windows Phone 7: IE9 and multitasking, upcoming releases for 2011

Samsung and want to bring SAP Business Intelligence on Android

Video presentation of the LG Optimus 3D

Java: Alien Dalvik better than J2ME?

Video presentation of the Galaxy Tab 10.1

LG Press Conference: 3D smartphone and tablet

W3C widget: the smartphone to the connected TV

Foursquare available in 5 new languages

The Samsung Galaxy S II video

Xperia Pro: a version of Neo with physical keyboard

Xperia Neo: an 8-megapixel cameraphone

Samsung conference: the Galaxy S II, the tablet, but no Bada

Sony Ericsson unveils Xperia Play

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Price comparison: Smartphone

Lumia 550 8GB – Black

From € 103.00


Galaxy A5 16GB – Black

From € 0.00


Liquid M330 – White

From € 89.00



CES 2016: VTIME, a social network virtual reality

Virtual reality is now a reality, reflections multiply around uses. The VTIME app explores the issue from the social angle, proposing to friends to meet virtually in a private space.

Sit by the fire, on the edge of a cliff or into a space station with 3 other friends who are in different countries, it is now possible through the VTIME application. The latter, available since late December exclusively on the Samsung Gear VR, is as a kind of virtual reality chatroom.

The 4 parties that may join the chat room are sitting next to each other, and can chat with a microphone in an environment selected from the currently proposed half a dozen. Soon, the app will share photos, videos or links with friends, to facilitate discussions.

VTIME part obvious and expected applications in the field of virtual reality. The company intends to propose in the coming months the service on the Google Cardboard, what, concretely, open to all helmets to accommodate an Android smartphone. Rather successful, though the service can quickly become boring because of limited functionality, but its developers have rapidly expand the capabilities of the application.