Battery Life: Current Tablets Review

What models are genuine long-distance runner? this website has 20 Tablets determined with the longest battery life.

M any tablets are as chic as practical: They are increasingly replacing the notebook as a work tool, are great for Facebook & Co. and for mobile gaming and watching movies they like made. Thus, the fun does not fall by the wayside, iPads, Android must – and Windows tablets have a strong processor, equipped with a brilliant display, providing all-inclusive amenities and accommodate a battery with much breath inside. Latest offers iPad mini 4 the best combination of all points in the battery life, it is only average, as the subsequent test of this website shows.

Display sucking vigorously on battery

The energy-eater number 1 is the display: In order to see anything even in bright sunlight, it needs a lot of light offer – especially when the screen like most tablets reflects strong. In addition to representing the display sharp photos, videos and games stung. For this is a high-resolution screen of advantage. But the more pixels the display has, as a full HD screen as the Huawei MediaPad X2 7.0, the greater the energy requirements.

The tablets with the longest battery life

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Graphics chip has to do properly

A high-resolution display also has significant impact on the energy needs of the processor. Finally, there housed graphics chip has to calculate more pixels for display on the screen. Example: there are only 1,024,000 pixels, the iPad Air 2 with 2048×1536 pixels three times as many pixels In a standard screen with 1280×800 pixels as the Medion P8311 Lifetab – 3,145,728 pixels. He must process several times per second. Finally, should not stutter videos and games in the moving image reproduction.

Processor needs juice

the processor also needs energy – especially if sapping applications like Adobe Photoshop Touch running. But not only: A tablet processor usually has four or even more cores today. Running multiple apps in parallel and many websites opened, all processing units are running at full steam. This works only with sufficient energy.

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Energy for WLAN, Bluetooth, LTE and UMTS (3G)

Energy also needs the WLAN chip for wireless internet access. Also on battery pulls Bluetooth – for example if you play the music through a wireless Blueooth speakers. Is your new tablet for mobile internet access even fitted with a LTE or UMTS module, drag and juice these components. And not little: Are you about in the web on the go, the tablet must be constantly looking for a new access point, and logs in there – the energy consumption increases sharply.

How can I extend the battery life?

With a few simple steps can save a lot of energy, thereby increasing the battery life. It works like this

Turn down the display brightness. Are not you in the open, with many tablets a setting brightness ranges at 50 percent.

Quit apps that run in the background.

Turn off the display, for example if you only listen to music.

You do not need Bluetooth, UMTS or LTE, turn off this feature.

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The fastest Tablets

Dicker battery alone is not enough

The tips mentioned had an impact: for example, held the first iPad Air in the test at 50 instead of 100 percent screen brightness about three hours longer by. But the test also revealed that long a thick battery does not guarantee long running time without power. An extreme example: The Medion LifeTab P8311 has an energy storage device with a capacity of 5,000 mAh. In the test made it so seven hours and 36 minutes before the screen remained black. With 5,000 mAh exactly the same size battery has the Huawei MediaPad X2 7.0, but managed thereby whopping 16 hours and 39 minutes with no outlet. And, although the Huawei with its full HD display must bring almost twice as many pixels to light up (1920×1200 pixels) as the Medion (1280×800 pixels). In sum Tablets therefore guarantees a long battery life when components such as the processor and display are perfectly matched with the operating system and effectively deal with the energy provided.

iPad Pro relegated to 17th place

And what tablet now offers the longest battery life? The iPad Air 2 is not. It placed itself ten hours, 25 minutes straight so in the top 10. Still later ranked the iPad mini 4: With ten hours and seven minutes it ranks at No. 12. And the iPad Pro? Despite large 10,307 mAh battery, the screen remained black even after seven hours and 35 minutes – 17th place! The winning tablet came hand in testing almost 17 hours without power socket. Which it is, reveals the gallery.

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