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The e-mail letter transmits characteristics of the letter to the Internet. How the listing of Deutsche Post.

presented the E-mail letter shortly

“We have a joint project team used, examines the potential application areas in the state administration, the” informed financial Secretary Franz Josef Pschierer (CSU) with in Munich.

The Post has launched its new offering for the legally secure e-mail traffic in mid-July. With the E-mail letter to individuals, companies and administrations to securely communicate on the Internet. The content is encrypted, the identity of the sender and the receiver is checked. Security and confidentiality have top priority for the administration, Pschierer said.

Guaranteed security in e-mail letter

Safety certified standards Bunde

The security and integrity of the data was a central aspect of planning the construction of e-mail cover system architecture. All systems of the E-mail letter to be operated in a data center, which is certified according to the IT Baseline Protection of the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI). This ensures a high degree of technical as well as physical security, such as access control to the data center.

data encryption

All messages are encrypted on their electronic communication link between the sender and recipient. Also in the portal E-mail letters are stored in encrypted form. No additional software or hardware is required. In addition, each user can make an additional private encryption. The private key is only known to the user. This means that the messages can not at any time by a third party – not even by the postal administrators – be decrypted. And also in the hybrid variant of E-mail letter, the print data is encrypted at the printing interface transmitted. All systems of the E-Postbrief be operated in accordance with ISO 27001 on the basis of IT baseline protection by Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) certified data center.

Identify three ways

The unique identification of all users is the essential basis for binding electronic signature communication. This is ensured on the one hand by the PostIdent so an e-mail letter address can always be associated with a person. Private Customers access the E-mail letter-Portal, to authenticate the other by entering username and password. All essential functions in the portal (such as the delivery of an e-mail letter, changes in the user’s personal profile) additionally require the entry of a mobile TAN. The combined input of password and Mobile TAN thus enables an even higher level of authentication.

Electronic signature

Each e-mail letter is accompanied by an advanced electronic signature of Deutsche Post. The German post office thus confirmed as a trusted third party to the recipient the integrity of the message content and the sender’s identity. Companies and government agencies are connected through a secure gateway to the e-mail letter system. This Gateway always requires mutual authentication and authorization of companies / agencies and system to secure the sending and receiving of e-mail letters.

The Post has high hopes for the offer, which can be as sent an e-mail on the Internet and received, but delivered in paper form. In addition to the Post, the German Telekom, GMX and the new so-called De-Mail process want to offer. (Dpa / rs)

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