Bbox Sensation: major update firmware and welcome

Bouygues Telecom has recently deployed an update firmware of the two cases of two of its Bbox Sensation deals. Subscribers ADSL and cable are indeed concerned, but not those in FTTH fiber.

The updates are rather less common in Bouygues Telecom as its competitors, but when he gets going, he does not go with the back of the spoon! Each of the two cases, router modem and TV decoder, actually has many fixes and many enhancements, some really welcome.

TV decoder

To start, now the TV decoder leverages the total capacity of the hard drive that sailed. Only 120 GB were actually available to date, presumably to reduce the fee for private copying, but the operator door as promised this capacity to 320 GB.

Users can take advantage of this extended capacity with the recording functions and media player, which have several patches. In particular, the media center can finally open video whose file name contains spaces, and the cable box video stored on a USB storage device.

Overall, the interface is more fluid, the noise is reduced on stream videos, HDMI CEC compatibility is improved, and direct control of the (time shifting) or VOD are also more reliable.

Last but not least, note the gradual opening of cloud gaming service Bbox Games from cable subscribers, by the end of December.

Modem Router

The side of the modem router, most of the major features include enhancements. Wi-Fi hotspot welcomes new channels and improves its range on the 5 GHz band. The quality and time-setting VoIP calls have been improved. Finally, the implementation of an error correction algorithm (CRC) improves the IPTV broadcast quality.

This batch of updates, number 07.19.20 whatever supply and housing, is available recently. The full changelog is available on the Internet site specializing Bbox News. To benefit, just as usual to restart its equipment, for example by disconnecting and then reconnecting them.