Best Apps for motorcyclists

Smart support on the bike: With these apps and gadgets it can cruise better.

O nce the sun appears in the spring, the motorcycle season starts. The road to be conquered again! But before you swing on your bike, the editorial tells you a few useful tips, accessories used and which apps are perfectly equipped for any biker tour.

Smartphone on board?

There are several reasons that speak for the smartphone as an ideal travel companions. The right apps make it thanks to GPS for small all-rounder that offers some of the tour to the driving style evaluation. If your smart companion mitfährt in the cockpit, then you should put your smartphone reflect in a water-resistant support, which also withstands the vibration caused by the engine and the road surface. A water-resistant support with a hardcase offer example Arendo and Ultimate Addons.

These are the best apps for bikers

20 Apps

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Some of these mounts provide providers from with optional power supply. For enough juice on board, it is advisable to have a power socket to be mounted on the bike, which is coupled to the battery. Pay attention to detail: Some sockets have a cap that provides protection against moisture and dirt. Per 12-volt adapter allows smartphone and navigation devices connect.

The smartphone as Navi spare

Is the smartphone safely stowed and the power, it mutates to Navi – since most navigation apps work equally well for motorcyclists. The free app Google Maps is high on the popularity scale, but provides only a limited download of cards. Anyone traveling abroad should therefore view Here. The free app allows worldwide card download and is also very good. However, the mobile phone displays reflect sometimes a little. Here possibly creates a low-reflection screen protector Remedy.

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Motorcycle Navis are the best guide

Who then still prefer to rely on a classic motorcycle Navi should consider when buying something: The device must be robust and weatherproof and the display should still be clearly visible in direct sunlight. In addition, the operator must be able to act with one hand easily. Due to these characteristics this model type is often more expensive than a car-navigation system. Many sets also feature special setting options that facilitate, among other route planning and tour records.

50 Apps for motorists and PS fans

50 Apps

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Apps for motorists

Two-wheeled companion are not your case? For motorists, exciting apps, you gotta try. this website presents the 50 best apps for motorists.

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