Bing Maps: new aerial at 45 ° and new store plans

Microsoft yesterday announced the biggest update to the base of aerial data service Bing Maps.

New aerial views at 45 °

The team responsible for Bing Maps announced yesterday on his blog the launch of 270 new TB of aerial photos “Bird’s Eye”. It is the largest delivery service history, far ahead that of a year ago, the latter having been a call.

While its competitor Google Maps preparing a new version welcoming including 3D modeling, Bing Maps continues to focus on one of its new features. In addition to aerial images vertically (often mistakenly called satellite images), Microsoft’s mapping service actually has views to 45 °. These orthophotos (isometric) not only show the tops of buildings, they also show some of their vertical sides, which can appreciate the heights and perspectives.

Now, Bing Maps and covers 1.45 million square kilometers in what he calls a localized version of our “Overview”. It covered 1.39 million in July. The update focuses on the United States, but also on an area covering the South East of France and northwestern Italy.

New interior maps

Like Google Maps, Bing Maps also offers domestic cards, such as shopping centers plans. It also announced today that it raised the number of such plans in 4700, a total of 59 countries. They are accessible from an Internet browser, a Windows tablet or a Windows Phone smartphone.

The function to report a problem has also been improved to take into account the plans of shopping centers.