BioShock Infinite: Technical Guide

Like Gearbox had done it a few times for Borderlands 2, Irrational Games has focused part of the communication on BioShock Infinite on the care given to the PC version of the game. The time has now come to check if the promises were kept.

This is the January 15 Chris Kline, Technical Director at Irrational Games, announced the minimum and recommended system requirements for Bioshock Infinite. But rather than swing a table in a hurry, our man has the opportunity to detail all the specifics of the PC version in a long message rather humorous. A significant attitude, which emphasizes once again that PC gamers are important reverted to publishers and game developers, be they multiplatform.

Besides, BioShock Infinite PC prides itself not only to offer more advanced graphics than on consoles, it also splits few options often demanded in vain by pécéistes (adjustment of field of vision, ability to disable some visual aids, integration benchmarking tool …).

The time of the first BioShock, which scandalized some players by his clumsy management of larger screens, is far away. This time, the 16/9 format is not achieved by trimming the top and bottom 4/3 of a picture but rather by increasing the horizontal display surface. And it is true of other technical parameters (supporting DirectX 11, triple screen, ambient occultation …) which are brought up to date. However, the game does not turn into a technological showcase can do as a Battlefield or Crysis.

But he has other tricks up his sleeve for us raise eyebrows, starting with an inspired artistic direction and brilliant. Moreover, we have absolutely no use artwork, render, or screenshot editor to illustrate this article. With the exception of logos, all the pictures you see are taken directly from the game and were captured by us with the advanced graphics options to maximum. Admit that it’s something to be attracted there, right?