Bitkom survey results: 18 Euro license fees are too much

The program offer the public broadcasters is worth most respondents no 18 Euro.

A b 2013 applies a new model for radio and television fees. It provides for a uniform fee of just 18 euros per month per household, which arises irrespective of the number of receivers. After all feel 54 percent of respondents, the scheme compared to the previous procedure as fair. The new system includes a conversion of the obligation to pay fees for businesses. Future is a contribution for each establishment or subsidiary to pay. It depends on the number of employees varies according to Bitkom between six and 2,697 euros.

Bitkom President Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer was afraid that a burden of SMEs. The not contribute to the strengthening of the economy. A practical definition of “permanent establishment” is necessary in order to protect smaller operation of high costs. The public service provider should be limited to the statutory basic services and thus prevent a further rise in fees. An expansion of public entertainment on the Internet by broadcasting fees is not acceptable according to Scheer. (Dd)

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