Bungie: Halo-makers plan online action game – Update games

“Halo – Reach” was the last time being series offshoot of Bungie.

Fter the “Halo” development is before the “Halo” development – for the game developer Bungie was this modified quote from Sepp Herberger almost ten years. Periodically, the Americans were working on new series for offshoots manufacturer Microsoft. 2010 ended the collaboration: With “Halo – Reach” published Bungie recent own part of the series. Now the studio has announced an online action game in the US Games Fair Game Developers Conference in San Francisco (February 28 to March 4, 2011). According to a media report the title plays in the universe. Another novelty: Not Microsoft, but rival Activision released the game.

Update (7 March 2011)

All just a joke: In a news release does Bungie clear that the rumor, it is working on an action MMO, just a joke of network chief developer David Aldridge is based. More betrays not the entry on the company’s side. (Dj / rk)

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