California allows cars to automatic piloting Google

The State of California has decided to allow the movement of similar automated vehicles to cars concocted by Google.

In June 2011 the State of Nevada adopted Bill No. 511, to allow the autopilot to cars to travel on its roads. The senate of California decided to do the same in however restricting traffic on motorways. Senator Alex Padilla, handling the case said, “thousands of Californians tragically die in road accidents each year. The vast majority of these accidents are due to human error. ”

The 1298 bill was passed unanimously 37 votes and should enter into force in a month. Remember, Google is currently in talks with Ford, General Motors and Chrysler to promote research in the field of automatic control. The Mountain View company wants to actually produce its large scale cars by marketing its autopilot technology license fees.

M.Padilla adds: “the development and deployment of autonomous cars will not only save lives but also create jobs. ”

Edited on 01/10/2014 at 16:37

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