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G ood traditions we should cultivate well known. The thinking apparently the makers of “Call of Duty” series. After all, they brought yet each part of the series in November on the market – and on time on November 9, 2010 it’s that time again. Activision granted this website games in a presentation in Munich beforehand a first insight into the military adventures subtitled “Black Ops”. The game developer Mark Lamia (studio head) and Adam Gascoine (Design Director) from Los Angeles presented the title in the form of four filmed from the Xbox 360 version inserts. What is the scope of the final game, Gascoine could not say: “At this stage of development are playing time and level number has not been adopted.”

Cold takes World War

After the Second World War gradually comes as scenario for action games out of fashion, goes Treyarch with his next “Call of Duty” offshoot new ways: In the seventh part of the Cold War is at the center of events. The period includes the time from the end of World War II in Europe (1945) until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. This is roughly the frame in which the action takes the solo campaign.

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During this time faced each other with the two superpowers USA, as lead nation of NATO, and Soviet Union, as supremacy of the Warsaw Pact, two equal power blocs relentless and seemingly irreconcilable. The subtitle of the game “Black Ops” called in military language covert intelligence operations behind enemy lines that may fall under any circumstances into the public spotlight. The objectives of such secret missions all forms of unconventional warfare apply. Whether targeted murder orders, espionage, sabotage, kidnappings or covert support to rebel groups in enemy territory – the work in secret is always a dirty and often bloody job. In the game you are a member of such a special unit that performs such operations on the territory of the enemy.

Since the secret warriors never rely in enemy territory on an official order and violate their actions against the laws of war, they are basically on their own. Only the best of the best of US special forces like the Green Berets or Navy Seals hires the CIA for “Black Operations”.

In the Urals, it is important to destroy this radar station.

More than a hero

Due to the long period of time and some time jumps in the action the player takes in the campaign again several pawns who are aging even visible throughout history. In the battle field you are using a four-man team on the road, but the grant direct orders.

One important part of the story are the discussions among the soldiers. This chat layers between the fighters act rough and credible and create atmosphere. make English speakers thanks distinctive voices and the grim tone a good impression. Whether convince the German speakers as well, remains to be seen.

Use in the Urals

Before you sabotage a Soviet radar station in the Ural mountains, they send you to a spy mission in the air. As a pilot Thomas boarding the legendary spy plane SR-71 Blackbird US Air Force. In the target area to the Ural you conduct using high-resolution spy cameras Masons intelligence team on the ground for the radar station. The aim is to direct the fighters to hide in the field and thus protecting them from discovery by Russian guards. Can the team safely guided to the site, you slip into Masons role.

Urban warfare: In the bombed city ruins Hudson and his team expect tough fighting.

By impressively staged snow and mountain landscape you fight against the radar station. Here you will meet the guards feared Spetsnaz units. These opponents go ahead and sent to challenge all your tactical skills. After the clashes in ice and snow, the skirmishes in the building of the radar station relocate. With your team you abseil down on the facade of the plant and destroy the control room. Have you completed the mission, missing the successful completion of the mission, only the rapid flight through the icy mountains.

Besides the classic shootings, as you would expect in “Call of Duty”, the makers stayed in the design of objects strongly to a playful manner. “We want the players not only with each level a surprise, but his every corner something unexpected offer,” says Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia.

The war in Vietnam

Another application of the campaign is the Vietnam War, in which you get involved as a CIA Hudson. After the Viet Cong overran the South Vietnamese city of Hue, you will recover from the destroyed metropolis important secret documents. It features a nerve-wracking urban warfare between burning ruins. The battles are intense, exciting and staged bloody – the rating from 18 years for “Call of Duty – Black Ops” is considered safe.

When used on Huong River to get air support from helicopter gunships.

In the course of the adventure your character uses various special weapons from the research laboratories of the military. In Vietnam you have a rocket launcher with four missiles and special ammunition for your shotgun available. Meanwhile lethal cartridges use up not only bullets but still equate the enemy fire. A very effective weapon in urban combat.

Once the secret documents in your possession, you shoot free the way to the pickup point. You get air support from helicopter gunships that you draw on specific goals: Have holed up in a building snipers, instruct the helicopter to take the house under attack. With thunderous explosions the bullets hit the building and send the soldiers of the Vietcong to the afterlife.

The multiplayer mode

About the contents of multiplayer games to keep the developer covered. They merely confirm a separate co-op campaign for up to four amateur fighters. The single player strand you are not going to cooperate. In the multiplayer battles occur in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of up to 18 players, while probably 24 or more are in the PC version. The developers offer the fans the opportunity again own game server (so called dedicated server) to create. Thus, you are no longer (as in “Modern Warfare 2”) dependent on the manufacturer.

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Forecast: Call of Duty – Black Ops

Graphically the “Black Ops” bet is beyond all doubt. Both the game environment as well as the figures appear detailed and vivid, although the graphics quality compared to “Modern Warfare 2” only minimally improved. The gameplay runs smoothly and no obvious dropouts. The developers promise after all smooth 60 frames throughout the game. The objects seem much more varied and designed the enthralling story told makes a balanced look. We can only hope that the other missions fail as spectacular during the Cold War. Absolutely hitverdächtig is the new “Call of Duty” definitely.

Released “Call of Duty – Black Ops”: November 9, 2010 for PC, PS3, X360, Wii. (Or)

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