CeBIT 2011 is based on four-pillar strategy

The four-pillar strategy aims to boost the number of visitors.

T he CeBIT 2011 is divided according to statement of fair boss Frank Pörschmann into four divisions: The “Pro” is expected to attract business customers, with “.gov” is about the use of IT public. The “Lab” section is aimed at the research and “Life” at the home user. The reorganization will be not only increase the number of visitors, but also improve the image of IT fair and they settle more clearly from other industry events.

According Pörschmann is a focus of the CeBIT 2011 to be the subject of “Cloud Computing”, ie the provision and storage of applications on the Internet. Individuals will inspire the fair with a mix of emotion and entertainment. Here will the topic of “social networks” a lot of space, because communities influence the development of technology trends that want to pick up and show the CeBIT 2011th (Fs)

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