CES 2014: smartphones, a PHABLET, a watch and a hotspot / projector for ZTE

There will be new on the ZTE booth at CES 2014: the Chinese manufacturer has just announced a line up provided, including in particular the Grand S II, a first PHABLET, a connected watch, and even a 4G hotspot including … A projector!

The successor to the Grand S, which had already been introduced at CES 2013, clearly focuses on voice recognition, allowing in particular the release and photo capture voice. ZTE also said to have worked on call quality including 3 microphones for better reduction of ambient noise.

The ZTE Grand S was introduced at CES 2013

The ZTE Nubia range, including in particular the Nubia 5, is being updated with a … Nubia 5S, equipped with a 5-inch Full HD screen, a Qualcomm quad-core (processor without elaborating to hour when we write these lines), and a 13 megapixel camera. It integrates a Sony SR sensor opens at F 2.0 and allows capture 4K video. Details on the other Nubia 5S Mini, are more vague: we only know that it has a 4.7-inch IGZO display from Sharp, and it will be available “in a range of different colors.”

Always on smartphones, ZTE Announces Sonata 4G seems rather to position the mid-range, with a 4-inch screen, a Snapdragon 400 processor, and a 5 megapixel camera / 720p. The smartphone supports 4G, and marketed by Aio Wireless, a US carrier and prepaid subsidiary of AT & T

ZTE began to PHABLET and connected watches

ZTE also starts two new product categories: the “PHABLET” and connected watches. The Iconic phablet will be based on a 5.7 inch screen, a quad-core processor unspecified, a Gorilla Glass facade, a Dolby Digital compatible audio portion, and can be recharged wirelessly. ZTE seems to ogle Samsung software side by announcing the ability to display two applications side by side.

Blue Watch manufacturer incorporates his side fitness features, and will be the Galaxy Gear to control calls and capture photos directly from the watch, in addition to the display of notifications, including Facebook and Twitter.

A projector coupled with a hotspot Wi-Fi / 4G

In a rather different kind, the Hotspot Projector is a video projector coupled with a Wi-Fi hotspot. This is 4G compatible and allows up to 8 users simultaneously.

Prices and availability of these products have not yet been announced, but we’ll know more probably at CES 2014!

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