CES 2016: the first Project Tango smartphone comes with Lenovo this summer

Lenovo has just announced at a conference that it would be the first manufacturer to market a mainstream smartphone integrates Google Project Tango technology. And the concrete is about as even comes with a relatively close period of output: this summer.

In case you are in doubt, Project Tango is the pioneering technology of modeling 3D space on which teams are working Google for two years. The objective: to succeed in representing the environment in 3D volumes in real time, through a combination of sensors: motion, depth and picture. Among the opportunities initially imagined, Google thought to aerospace – integrate this technology on a robot could make autonomous in its movements – or, medical – for example to guide the visually impaired. But it is the public who will be able to enjoy very soon of Project Tango, thanks to Lenovo.

Specifically, through the Lenovo smartphone, which we do not yet know much except that, according to The Verge, it will less than 6.5 inches in size (a PHABLET so) that it will cost less than $ 500 and will be launched worldwide this summer 2016! Note that these details have been confirmed by the two companies, Lenovo and Google.

What the average person can do to Project Tango? The future will tell, for now it is still meager. The smartphone can use Project Tango to measure distance, 3D modeling parts of a house or playing augmented reality titles. But Lenovo, which is counting on this primacy to sell smartphones, will take part in the incubator of applications launched by Google. The key is indeed the applications and thus the developers. The best projects will be financed by Lenovo and embedded on the first smartphone Project Tango right out.

Edited on 01/08/2016 at 11:56

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