CES 2016: VTIME, a social network virtual reality

Virtual reality is now a reality, reflections multiply around uses. The VTIME app explores the issue from the social angle, proposing to friends to meet virtually in a private space.

Sit by the fire, on the edge of a cliff or into a space station with 3 other friends who are in different countries, it is now possible through the VTIME application. The latter, available since late December exclusively on the Samsung Gear VR, is as a kind of virtual reality chatroom.

The 4 parties that may join the chat room are sitting next to each other, and can chat with a microphone in an environment selected from the currently proposed half a dozen. Soon, the app will share photos, videos or links with friends, to facilitate discussions.

VTIME part obvious and expected applications in the field of virtual reality. The company intends to propose in the coming months the service on the Google Cardboard, what, concretely, open to all helmets to accommodate an Android smartphone. Rather successful, though the service can quickly become boring because of limited functionality, but its developers have rapidly expand the capabilities of the application.