Chrome beta: hardware acceleration on the old machines

The team developing the Chrome browser announced the availability of a new beta version of its browser with improved support for hardware acceleration.

After publishing an edition of Chrome for Android 4.0 and a new stable version on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux offering pre-load the URL when they entered in the address bar, Google ended the week on a new version beta. This version adds support for hardware acceleration on Windows and Mac OS X for Canvas 2D elements. Reminder Canvas can represent on a web page 3D elements from vector graphics (SVG) and JavaScript. Hardware acceleration was previously paid to rendering HTML and CSS 3D.

John Bauman and Brian Salomon engineers however explain that “many people with old GPU or graphics drivers can get a richer experience through technologies like WebGL.” In other words, drivers of these graphics cards do not have Open GL interfaces accessible via JavaScript to replace the loading of a web page on the GPU rather than the CPU.

To overcome this problem, Chrome beta now includes SwiftShader technology who will speed up rendering of a web page on older configurations, including from users of Windows XP. To check the supported hardware acceleration on your machine, simply type chrome: // gpu in the Chrome address bar.

Download Google Chrome Beta 18.0.1025.11 beta

Edited on 12/07/2012 at 9:52

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