Chrome beta tab indicates which plays a sound or video

The latest beta version of Chrome browser includes a new function to identify at a glance which tab will sound, play a video or broadcast content to a second screen.

Earlier this year, Google had set up in the Canary branch of its browser, dedicated to the preliminary tests, a new option for viewing directly from the Chrome tab bar any web page played a sound. This function, which no one knew if it would be preserved, now finds itself in the last public beta software (32.0.1700.6 beta, available for download via this link).

A small speaker icon now appears in the right part of the tabs relative to a page that reads multimedia, audio or video. Google has also spun this logic one step further by also displaying an icon to use the webcam or content distribution towards a third screen (function including permitted by its small Chromecast accessory).

The branch of Chrome 32 also introduces a new application launcher dedicated to Windows 8 machine on which the browser is installed in Metro version which takes the form of a horizontal bar available in full screen. The browser has finally acquired a new device to block default file downloading considered malicious (malware). Chrome 32 should be proposed in the final version by next January.

Edited on 11/12/2013 at 9:12

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