Chrome: gap in incognito mode

Web pages – as this subsequently censored YouPorn specimen from a long finished Chrome session – may appear without warning on the screen.

Update (January 14, 2016)

N vidia has spoken against this website on the allegations: The problem exists only in Mac OS X, on the guidelines to keep the Nvidia drivers. The error lies in the memory management of the Apple operating system, rather than the Nvidia drivers. In Windows, the problem does not kick on, since the operating system to delete the image memory before passing it to other programs.

Original article (January 13, 2016)

The Canadian Student Evan Andersen was amazed when he “3 Diablo” instead of the usual loading screen saw the snapshot of a porn website on the screen at the start of the game. The came from a surf trip that he had previously made in Chrome. In incognito! The also known as “porn mode” traded browser setting promises to delete all locally stored when the program surfing traces. Andersen went in search for the cause – and found it in the interplay of the Google browser with the drivers of its graphics card from Nvidia: Both delete image information is not irretrievably from the graphics card memory. then Occurs bug on, suddenly images from an earlier session Chrome may appear on the screen.

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Andersen then wrote a program that deliberately exploits the vulnerability and brings out supposedly deleted image information from the memory. Lo and behold, the screen showed, among other things a Reddit page from a private browsing session, had been registered in the Andersen in another account. On a PC, which is shared by several persons, the privacy when using the Chrome browser and an Nvidia card is thus acutely at risk. Although the electrical engineering student two years ago both Nvidia and Google announced the easy problem to be solved, it persists. That’s why he made it now publicized to force the two manufacturers to act.