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O ne must let the developers at Firaxis: You make it into any “Civilization” part, extremely uphold the addictive potential. This also applies to the fifth part. After a few rounds you no longer want the scepter of your civilization give out of hand. But even the latest installment of “Civilization 5” struggling with known weaknesses of the series – especially in terms of artificial intelligence.

A patch to your PC opponents soon intellectually helping hand. For example, the AI ​​is swift start looting, often colonize other continents, expanding aggressively and the units in the battle swift move. So, for example, should no longer burn ranged in future as cannon fodder on the front of your virtual opponents. When all this happens is still unclear: Take-Two previously manifested not to a release date for the update.

Update (December 16, 2010)

Immediately refer the patch for strategy game on Steam. “Civilization 5” updates itself with active Internet connection automatically after startup. The update revamp not only the artificial intelligence of computer opponents, but also brings many improvements in the user interface and the game balance between peoples. A detailed overview of the new features here.

Released “Civilization 5”: September 24, 2010 for PC. (Rk)

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