Cloud computing: the universal computing business scope

HP tackles Amazon

This acquisition comes just months after the acquisition of RightNow Technologies by Oracle. By spending $ 1.5 billion, Oracle intends to outdo his competitor in customer management solutions, Oracle wants to offer “customers a wide range of cloud solutions, including automation of sales forces, human resources, talent management, social networking, data bases and Java as part of Oracle Public Cloud.” It is far from about somewhat “dismissive” of Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle. In September 2009, he described the marketing concept of Cloud Computing that encompasses everything and anything.

Other equally important actors have also launched in this market. This summer, Dell launched Dell Cloud with VMware …. The offer is based on VMware vCloud Datacenter Services for public offers, private and hybrid. HP is also interested in cloud computing. In early 2011, it launched its Hybrid Delivery Cloud offers. The Californian will also address the tenors of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). Last September, it launched a beta version of HP Cloud Object Storage Compute should be the direct competitor of Amazon Web Services and EC2 also offers IBM, Microsoft and Rackspace.

Last thief to offer its services, Dropbox. In late October, the company decided to market a formula targeting small businesses. Dubbed Dropbox for Teams, it costs $ 795 per year for 5 users who receive a 1TB storage capacity on servers configured on those of Amazon S3.

Faster, more efficient

Faced with the arrival of these new contenders, the “pioneers” of the sector (Amazon, Google, IBM …) want to maintain their leadership. All boast of offering the most complete, easiest to manage and faster! These heavy weight multiply especially the versions and variations to meet all business needs, be it a multinational company with many subsidiaries or SMEs.

Very active in the field with its offer Azure, Microsoft has released in October last update of Windows Intune, the IT park administration cloud service for SOHO / SMEs with fewer than 500 positions. This new version adds to remotely install most software publisher. For its part, IBM highlights its Cloud Workload Deployer, a software to design and deploy private cloud architectures quickly and efficiently.

About effectiveness, Google announced mid-November the end of the beta version of its cloud service data analysis in volume BigQuery. According to the search engine, this service (free for now) enables companies to inject vast amounts of data in the cloud, to make specific requests on the same data, and extract analysis.