cloud gaming video demonstration 4G (SFR) on smartphone and tablet

When the commercial opening of 4G in Lyon, France, SFR was conducting demonstrations of “cloud gaming” in 4G tablet and smartphone to illustrate the benefits of mobile broadband.

Let us briefly recall the mechanisms of the process: the controls (touch keys on the screen) are sent via the Internet to the service. The game is fully implemented on the server side, and the video stream is transmitted to the mobile device (smartphone or tablet) via 4G (in this case).

The benefits are multiple. First, the “cloud gaming” enables indulge in too greedy games resources to be used on a mobile. Then SFR ensures that it will be possible to continue some started on the box “Evolution” on his smartphone or tablet and vice versa.

For now, we must wait to get their hands on the joystick. SFR expects a commercial launch in late 2013.

Cloud Gaming on tablet and smartphone

Just like Evolution box, the service is provided by G-cluster (not OnLive). Beta requires only 5 are now playable (Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, Split Second, Trine 2, Tower Blocks, Cradle of Rome), against 110 on box.

SFR indicates that the touch controls on the screen may differ depending on the games. Currently, the operator optimizes usability with the help of a specialized company named Nealite. However, the ability to add a physical controller (to play at home, for example) has not been retained.

We were able to test the game Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. While some adjustments are still needed, the test is promising. The response time is almost immediate. graphics side, it certainly does not compete with a game run locally, but the result is perfectly acceptable.

Of course, it is there in test conditions that can be imagined ideal. What will happen when this type of activity will be launched on a commercial network in case of saturation, or inside a building? It is expected to test the final version of the service to make a final opinion.