Commodore 64: reissue retro look games

Only at first glance frumpy: Inside the C64 remake current technology doing its job.

C ommodore announces a new edition of the C64. The cult of the manufacturer new device combines retro charm with modern technology. The Commodore 64 is externally indistinguishable from his example: The brown keyboard with the classic logo gives the impression that the technical development of computers during the past 30 years has stopped.

betrayed HDMI and DVI outputs on the back of C64x Basic that now is 2011, not 1982. The connections allow output of HD footage (1080p) at current TVs and monitors. USB connector, network port and a card reader ensure connectivity. Inside an Intel Atom dual core processor which is clocked at 1.8 GHz works. With two gigabytes of memory, a 160-gigabyte hard drive and the Nvidia Ion2 graphics chip, the device is suitable for gaming. Windows Start optionally via a boot menu.

The main stationary consoles of the 2000s

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If you want more comfort, reaches for the C64x Ultimate: With Blu-ray drive, a one terabyte hard drive, four gigabytes of RAM and WLAN adapter the device become the desktop computer replacement. From the beginning of June 2011, the new edition of the Commodore 64 through the online shop of the company is available. Prices range depending on the equipment 250-895 US dollars. (Rk)