Console War: Sony increasing the lead games

The PlayStation 4 is in Germany is still by far the most popular console.

T hat the PS4 is the most successful console of the current generation, has long since noticed any. Microsoft’s Xbox One is in the favor of players well behind the competing product from Japan. In Germany, Sony has dominated the market from the outset. Current statistical surveys of market research institute show, according to a media report that this trend continues. Accordingly, Sony in 2015 to increase the sales of the PlayStation 4 by a whopping 23 percent and bring 1.4 million Daddelkisten the people. The company is according to a report to 2.8 million consoles in Germany and a market share of around 68 percent.

Microsoft also could boost sales by 21 percent, but only sold 270,000 Xbox One consoles to German gamers. With a total sales figure of 600,000 units the Redmondern comes to a market share of 15 percent in the Federal Republic. Thus, the Xbox One is in this country behind the Wii U, which is indeed longer on the market, but still enjoys a share of 17 percent. International the situation is similar, but Microsoft is somewhat better. So Sony is a global market share of 52 percent, Microsoft at least 28.6 percent. The chances of the medium or long term unlock Sony, are likely to be negligible for Microsoft given the current developments.

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