Convertible in Test: Dell XPS 12 (9250)

Test Conclusion: What to know

Much cheaper there similar devices not – the Surface Share Microsoft is similarly expensive. Nevertheless, 1,837 euros have a lot of money for a convertible – the Dell also for the well-equipped XPS 12. With the exception of some scarce battery life afforded but no major weaknesses: It is well made, works fast and has a great, sharp 4K screen.

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High work pace

Knack Sharp screen

Silent operation

Thin and lightweight design

Thunderbolt port in the USB-C format

SSD and WLAN ac


Something scarce battery life

Not suitable for complex games

few ports

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N a, as a ground for bargain hunters, the product range of Dell notebooks is not fit more. Since the new Windows 10 model XPS 12 makes no exception, with high-class notebook-tablet suits are generally quite expensive. But 1,837 euros? Then you have to swallow – and be sure that the value is correct. Therefore this website has tested whether the XPS 12 works really fast, a brilliant screen has and boasts a long battery life.

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Meaning more money and more power? Dell calls for the new XPS 12 with nearly 1,800 euros quite a lot – but it is also value for money?

Dell XPS 12 (9250) in the test: How good is the precious Convertible?

Small, handy, practical?

Not 11.6 and not 13.3 inches – the Dell has a handy, but unusual 12.6-inch format and is with 1.254 grams very light. For use as large and with 790 grams quite heavy tablet allows the screen thanks to magnetic closure solve with one hand from the keyboard. However, the lack of mechanical interlock also has a serious drawback: Who uses the XPS as Notebook and careless carrying through the area, which the display can quickly fly out of the holder.

Dell XPS 12 (9250): Product and detail photos

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Sharp, brilliant, bright?

The display offered an extremely high sharpness in the test. At 23 centimeters diagonal screen size, it shows pictures or movie hits in 4K with handsome 3840×2160 pixels. Playback manages the Flask really crisp and rich colors – the picture change completed the XPS during video playback streaking in only 11.4 milliseconds.

Work, play, surf?

Not so ragged that Dell had a terrible while gambling – the built-in processor graphics unit is too weak for the smooth playback of games. But who wants to “3 Dark Souls” gamble hit titles on a comparatively puny 12.6-inch display? Much more important for such a device is a high work rate. And can the Dell burn anything: Elaborate graphics with many levels edit? If done in a flash. Sophisticated conversion of videos into a suitable format for smartphone? That works really ragged. For a lot of speed, a decent processor from Intel’s current Skylake series, which has access to 8 gigabytes of memory makes. In addition, the user data and programs can be on a fast SSD store with at least 227 gigabytes instead of a lame disk.

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Quiet, efficient, cool?

And because no conventional hard drive schraddelt, strenuous work done by the XPS 12 itself absolutely silent while remaining completely cool: At the bottom, the temperature in the test after two hours of work was only 7 degrees higher than the ambient temperature. Only the battery life could be better: Both when working and during video playback the Dell went after two and a half hours out of steam – which at best is acceptable.