Corsair AX1200: powerful and little greedy!

Corsair is a jack of all in terms of hardware: SSD, memory, cooling, cases, speakers … Food is also a market in which the US has been present for several years. Its range AX, straight out of Seasonic plants, is one of the last in date.

Introducing this model 1200 watt Corsair talks to gamers. It must be said that to use if only half of such power, it is already a rather robust configuration … Faced with such debauchery Watts, Corsair have been yielding to marketing and offer multiple rails, as does Antec HCP with his 1200. But it is a single + 12V rail that team this block, which can therefore support a maximum current of 100 A. +3,3+ rails and +5 V can in turn manage a current of 30 A.