Corsair AX1200i: the best market supply?

After the AX1200 model that we tested last year as part of our comparison of 80+ Gold power supplies, Corsair is back with an improved version of its block and a slightly modified reference. And the little i the AX1200i more cover than we can suppose!

Indeed, with its new power, Corsair offers we first 80+ Platinum certified model, ie with a particularly high yield. Allowing it to move to assume a semi-passive operation: the fan of this power will starts to turn until a certain load, the model was capable of 750W of the AX series, but not the most powerful model, the AX1200.

Not least, the AX1200i is the first block controlled by a DSP, that is to say a processor dedicated to managing tensions and their regulation. Some advantage against the competition or powder to technological eyes? The response in this test.

Corsair AX1200i little change in appearance … At first glance, Corsair has made very few changes from the previous version of the 1200 block W. True, the “AX” goes from a discreet yellow a red most aggressive, but outside of that, it’s the status quo. The dimensions remain the same (and are not necessarily adapted to a size box would do average) and all have equivalent build quality: robust, well finished and rather heavy (almost 4 Kg) the AX1200i reassuring.

Similarly, Corsair renews his excellent performance at the power of his bundle: one finds the fabric cover that protects the block, and the package containing the cables. Cable ties in number and fairly comprehensive manual are obviously still in the game.

Who told unchanged chassis fan said equivalent. So we find, behind the protective grill, model 14 cm already on the AX1200.

Fully modular as was its predecessor, the new Corsair block has almost exactly the same cables. Almost, because the connectors provided to fit into food have been slightly modified by Corsair.

Similarly, the manufacturer has had the good idea to extend 5cm cable provided to supply the processor, correcting any defects in the AX1200. Corsair also heard us, always about the CPU cable, since the 2×4 pins have become much more practical 8-pin to be inserted into the motherboard.

Apart from these changes rather welcome, nothing changes. It still has a significant number of cables, whose length is quite satisfactory, except perhaps the SATA cables, including a casing as the Obsidian 800D. Only reproach that could be done (again) at Corsair we wonder why the manufacturer did not choose to place two PCI-E connector cable, as is the case in other models. This would have avoided to run a large number of cables in the housing. However, note that Corsair seems to have addressed similar comments to ours: with the next best of the AX1200i, Corsair deliver two PCI-E cables with two 8-pin connectors instead of two PCI-E cables with a single connector 6 + 2-pin.

Corsair AX1200i

Technical characteristics


+3.3 V

+5 V

+12 V

max intensity.



1 rail 100.4 A

Combined Max

1204 W

X cable connectors

Mainboard 20 + 4 pin

1×1 (61 cm)

CPU 8-pin

2×1 (65 cm)

PCI-E 6 + 2 pin

6×1 (61 cm)


3×4 (85 cm)

2×2 (60 cm)

molex-floppy adapter

2×1 (10 cm)


3×4 (85 cm)



1 (14 cm)


from 0 to 25 dB (A)


7 years


To 100 000 hours

Dimensions (L x W x H)

20 x 15 x 8.6 cm


€ 319.99

Finally, note the appearance of two new elements at the connector panel of this block: it is a share of the catch dedicated to the Corsair Link technology, which we will detail further in this article, and Furthermore a Self Test button, to verify, via a long press, the block works correctly, without having to connect any cables.