Corsair AX860: not exceeded

If Corsair has provided substantial efforts on its AXi series, it does not forget its less traditional range of AX. Blocks whose main feature is a hybrid cooling, ie liability until a certain load.

A perfectly controlled by Seasonic technology, which provides the blocks marketed by Corsair. At our last test, we had been conquered by the AX750, which proposed as an excellent report noise / nuisance temperatures. This new generation blocks, now certified Platinum 80+, it follows the path of the series AX 80+ Gold? What are the differences with the AX860i also tested in this comparison? The answers in the coming lines.

Corsair AX860

Technical characteristics


+3.3 V

+5 V

+12 V

max intensity.



1 rail 71A

Combined Max

852 W

X cable connectors

Mainboard 20 + 4 pin

1×1 (61 cm)

CPU 4 + 4-pin

2×1 (65 cm)

PCI-E 6 + 2 pin

2×1 (61 cm)

2×2 (75 cm)


2×4 (70 cm)

1×4 (85 cm)

molex-floppy adapter

2×1 (10 cm)


2×4 (75 cm)



1 (14 cm)


from 0 to 28 dB (A)


7 years


To 100 000 hours

Dimensions (L x W x H)

16 x 15 x 8.6 cm


€ 204.40

As we stated in our test of the AX860i, there is almost no difference between this block and our AX860. Only the connection of panel between the two models, since the AX860 rest on the arrangement of AX750. Corsair simply adds data on this connectivity panel that was, indeed, very empty on the AX750.

The manufacturer, however, adds an important element to the panel: a button that lets you choose the mode of ventilation. Choose “Hybrid” for a semi-passive cooling, or “normal” to see the 14cm fan to run continuously, regardless of the load on the power supply. Problem: This button is badly positioned, as positioned within the housing. It would have been of interest if any Corsair had arranged next to the power button, for example.

© Corsair AX860 © Corsair AX860 © Corsair AX860 © Corsair AX860 © Corsair AX860 © Corsair AX860 © Corsair AX860

The AX860 is equipped with a 12V monorail + supporting up to 71 amps, which will suit the majority. It is fully modular as is the AX860i, with which it also shares the same cables and connectors themselves. Only the 24-pin ATX differs. The length of the various cables is sufficient, higher than what was on the AX750, and even the one dedicated to the processor power seems long enough to fit most housings.

Note that like the old AX models, Sata and / or Molex cables are flat, allowing better integration, including through a cable management. Finally, they are stored in traditional kit Corsair expensive fabric, a bundle completed with ten cable clamps.

Our opinion: To choose between AX860i and AX860 “tout court”, we will certainly take it. This block has indeed the same build quality, the same 7-year warranty, and a lower price of at least 20 euros.

But above all, the AX860 seems more relevant than his cousin at the ventilation management. And even if the temperatures are a little higher than the AX860i, it seems that the compromise is better. As for the button to choose between this and a normal hybrid mode ventilation mode, it could be a great idea … if Corsair had placed his button outside the housing. The fact remains that the image of the AX750, AX860 this is a very good block.

Corsair AX860 Most + Genuinely semi-passive + Build quality + cable length + Price Less justified – A little hot in charge – hybrid button / misplaced normal temperatures 4 Consumption Noise Price

PC Corsair AX860 power – 860W

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