Corsair Gaming K70 RGB: the keyboard gamer rainbow sky

Corsair has long been synonymous with memory in the PC world. The memory modules have been added over time power supplies, enclosures, SSDs and even input devices: keyboard and mouse. If diversification Corsair all azimuths is not new, the brand continues to seriously develop its ranges, always to the players, via a new division: Corsair Gaming.

We focus today Corsair Gaming K70 RGB, the new fully mechanical keyboard manufacturer with RGB backlight. Presented in – almost – secrecy at CES 2013, the keyboard is now marketed after some buzz that would have reminded us almost madness Art Lebedev (former understand!).

Now that the Corsair Gaming is available, it is time to focus on their abilities and whether he has enough even replace your valiant G19 Logitech, for example.

Ergonomics and Design

Out of the box, the Corsair Gaming K70 is as its predecessors with a brushed aluminum chassis of the most beautiful effect. Particularly stable once on the desk, they blamed the keyboard does not have edges on the ends: one can hold your little finger if it is too close to the Enter key on the numeric keypad when activated . We can also regret that machining chassis has not changed for a model like the Corsair Vengeance K60, while the black paint can quickly become damaged depending on the scratches that the keyboard will suffer over time.