Create your own Philips televisions!

Eight colors are available on the Design-Your-TV page for the frame of the TV to choose from.

V arious frame colors, screen sizes, mounting options, and remote controls are available for selection, Philips speaks about a hundred combinations. The basic model of each one of the 7000 series LED TV with a screen size of 81 or 107 centimeters serves. Once you have designed your desired device, order it directly on the Philips website. The free shipping is done according to the manufacturer within three weeks.

The basic equipment of the television set is in addition to the Philips image enhancement techniques “Pixel Precise HD”, “Super Resolution” and “HD Natural Motion” the lighting “Ambilight Spectra 2”: Colored LEDs illuminate the rear wall to which the TV is, in coordination with the image content currently displayed.

The Philips page is already unlocked. There you can select a desired television and print or save an image of the device is already. Available are the TV from October 2010. (dd)

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