Dell Vostro V130 Test: a cheaper Adamo?

Dell Vostro V130

The Dell V130 is an updated V13, an ultraportable yet barely a year old. Featuring a wider connector that his grandfather and some welcome innovations, the V130 paper appears as a very good evolution. To approach the most luxurious Adamo? Let’s see it.


Dell Vostro V130

Technical characteristics

Ref. correct


Screen – Definition

13.3-inch WLED

1366 x 768 pixels


Intel Core i5 470UM 1.33 GHz (1.86 GHz with TB)

Number of cores

2 with HyperThreading


2 x 2 GB DDR3 1333 MHz

Graphic card

Intel GMA HD Graphics


500 GB 7200 RPM

WD Scorpio Blue

optical drive



802.11 b / g / n (AR9285)



Card Reader

SD, Memory Stick, MMC

PC Connection

3 USB 2.0 including a hybrid eSATA, Gigabit Ethernet

Connectors A / V

HDMI, VGA, headphone, microphone


2 Mpix


87 chiclet keys without keypad


82 x 44 mm, 2 buttons


Windows 7 Pro 64-bit


1 year


6-cell 2700 mAh


328 x 231 x 20 (16.5) mm


1.65 Kg

Dell is customary of a rather sober and efficient design, especially when it comes to products for professional use. The V130 is no exception to the rule: its aluminum chassis and reassures its reinforced zinc hinges to seem robust. As for the magnesium alloy that makes up the hand rests, he brings both a light touch and a coating that has the good sense not to retain fingerprints.

The V130 is not the lightest notebook in this roundup: with its 1.65 Kg, it displays 350 g heavier than the Toshiba Portégé R700. Nevertheless, it remains in the standard of what is expected of an ultraportable. Its dimensions are also reduced, in particular its thickness, between 1.6 and 2 cm.

Evoke finally WLED 13.3-inch screen that V130. Featuring a matte panel and treated against glare, it displays a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. If readability is good even during the day (due to good brightness and matt slab), we regret that the image is so little contrast.

hardware Requirements

What is under the hood of the Vostro 130? Intel Core i5 470UM first, ie a dual heart enjoying HyperThreading and operating at 1.33 GHz or 1.86 GHz when Turbo Mode full swing. With 3 MB cache, it boasts an etching process to 32 nm and a TDP of 18 Watts.

Of the family Arrandale, it houses within the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD graphics chip only present in the V130. A chip whose core operating frequency is 166 MHz. Embarrassing? When the performance of the chip is known, one might think. However, the use of an ultraportable rarely is around the video game. However, we expect a reading without jerking HD video, that manages to make the V130. No worries on that side, therefore, no more than at the amount of RAM: with 4GB of DDR3, the ultraportable Dell is well off. He is also at the storage medium, since the V130 has a Scorpio Black Western Digital hard drive running at 7200 rpm and equipped with 16 MB of cache.

equipment side, we note the lack of an optical drive, which is not surprising for an ultraportable. However, a fingerprint reader would not have been too much. The connector consists of a HDMI port, a VGA output, 3 USB 2.0 inputs, one eSATA hybrid and conventional Ethernet port supports gigabit here. Also note the presence of a memory card reader SD, MMC and MS. connectivity level, hard to beat: Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11n Wi-Fi, 3G module and SIM card slot … Nothing to say almost, because we are not able to hang a signal with GPS module present in within the cell. The fact remains that the V130 is, in this view, a true professional ultraportable.

End on a very good point and a bad point of the V130. Most of the ultraportable Dell is its cooling system, designed by Intel. The Hyperbaric Cooling is roughly the cell that the “positive pressure” is the desktop PC enclosure. The V130 fan is not there to extract hot air, but to breathe the fresh air. The pressure created within the machine mechanically hunting hot air, which is discharged through the bottom of V130. If one can be skeptical about this choice, it is clear that the ultraportable Dell is completely silent … when at rest. Under load, the fan is much louder. We will see further whether the component temperatures are felt.

As for the bad point, it is the removable battery used by Dell. Unable to override or modify it in such conditions. It is a pity that the Sanyo model (Li-Ion type) has a reduced capacity of 2700 mAh.

Unable to remove the battery from the Vostro V130 …

In use, ergonomics

What is the Dell V130 once taken in hand? The chiclet keyboard is wide and all keys have a comfortable size, none of them is sacrificed. Typing is more enjoyable. The touchpad size is also significant, although it might be won to be a little higher. And if the click buttons are smooth, quiet and precise pad, one regrets however the lack of multipoint device.

Side display, the V130’s main screen quality matt appearance and its tilt angle, especially important. However, it clearly lacks contrast and so the office business does not suffer, it does not hold true with regard to playing videos. Another concern: the screen shows clearly visible vertical frame especially on clear elements. Good point however to the 2MP webcam fitted to the V130: it delivers the images are quite satisfactory in the context of a video conference, for example.

Finally talking software: Dell V130 with its founit Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services full version (license works for 455 days) as well as software house Dell Backup and Recovery Manager and Dell Mobile Broadband Manager that allow you to operate backup or recovery of your system for the first, and manage the 3G module V130 (with sending SMS function) for the second. Finally, note that Dell provides the owners of this machine 2 GB of online storage space. Too bad, however, that the Absolute Data Protect software is provided in demo (3 days): an app that enables the remote deletion of data, the location of the mobile or to freeze its operation displaying a specific message on screen should it not be shipped by default with a laptop for professional use?

synthetic and practical tests

What makes this ultraportable against its competitors? What performance on theoretical tests or face a practice situation? You will find quantified and compared results in the following pages

Synthetic tests

Practice tests

Our opinion

Dell he wanted to create a more affordable with its Adamo V130? One might think, as the final finding is similar: a simple design, a neat finish, a valuable delicacy and lightness, but actually insufficient performance and autonomy absolutely unworthy of an ultraportable. Worse, Dell has adopted the Apple model, making its nonremovable battery cell. impossible to change it to a more efficient model.

The V130 remains a model for quality / reasonable deal, as it is currently traded around 650 euros with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, however without the 3G module. If it interests you, it will cost 130 euros extra, nonetheless. Moreover, this ultraportable comes with a 128GB SSD option and is also available in red, for those who love the razzle-l’oeil. In the end, if you like the matte screen and quiet operation of the cell at rest, we can not advise you this laptop because of its independence too just to our liking.

Dell Vostro V130 Most Comprehensive Connectivity + + End / Matte finish + Quiet resting Less – removable battery! – Shrinkage Performance – Autonomy Autonomy too just 2.5 Performance Ergonomics / Finish tariff Positioning

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